Welcome to Elite Equine Rehab

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Elite Equine Rehab Center is a non- profit, state-of-the-art facility that houses the latest in technological equipment, designed to promote a safe, rapid and stress-free recovery for horses recovering from injury.  

Elite Equine, located in the Black Forest of Northern Colorado Springs, offers a full array of leading-edge services that are second-to-none in the industry. Our services are backed by extensive research, and administered by a professional staff that shares your compassion and concern for the equine athlete.

Our innovative medical treatments have been demonstrated to greatly speed recovery from illness or injuries, and to enhance the healing of chronic disorders. These therapies provide optimum results when used in conjunction with our reconditioning methods. Gina Hluska has an extensive background in equine rehabilitation and supportive veterinary care. While working with veterinarians, EER  is on the cutting edge of developing and refining new treatment protocols. Conveniently located and easily accessible, we have access to veterinary services, are able to provide 24 hour supportive veterinary care and are within easy reach of all major vet clinics and major show facilities along the Front Range..

Our Facilities

Whether here for rehab or lay-up, we believe in creating the most natural environment for the horse's during their stay.

* 12 x 12 matted stalls

* Heated water tanks

* Mounted fans

* 20 x 12 runs

* 12x24 foaling stall

* 50' round pen

* 110' x 70 indoor arena

* 55 x 110 outdoor arena

* Indoor wash stall

* Tackroom

* Private/semi-private paddocks with run-in sheds

* Community turnout

* Grazing pasture

* 250 acres of terrain trails in Fox Run Park

* Only minutes to local veterinary clinics/hospitals, show facilities & trails

 Turnout with the herd in one of our 3 pastures is an integral part of the healing process. 


Here at EER we recognize and appreciate the blessings bestowed upon us and our facility thus far. Our goal is to be able to acquire a facility that can both house more horses and equipment, but also include an indoor arena to more efficiently rehabilitate horses year round and condition in all weather conditions year round. .


"Making comebacks bigger than setbacks".

Our goal here at EER is to provide  

 the latest in rehabilitation treatments and therapies while ensuring a safe, rapid and smooth recovery for horses recovering from injury. While taking the stress off the owner, we give the horse every possibility to make a successful recovery by providing a variety of rehab packages that allow your horse to receive the care that benefits him/her most.

Offering rehabilitation, supportive veterinary care, conditioning and training for your equine.

'To provide a full service, year-round rehab and training center within a sustainable budget in a safe, natural environment, utilizing multiple surfaces to optimize rehabilitation and overall performance. We strive to be among the most innovative Equestrian Centers in North America providing the utmost in care and facilities to maximize healing, training, performance and soundness of your equine."

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