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Elite Equine Rehab Center

We are a quaint facility fortunate to be located within the peaceful Black Forest. Our goal is to take the stress of rehabbing your horse post injury/surgery or layup care and provide you with peace- of-mind during your horse's recovery. Our quiet locale is perfect to returning horses to work with a customized protocol via hang walking, round pen work, arena time or a longer jaunt on the trails. We are only minutes via horseback from Fox Run Regional Park which allows us access to the trail system and benefits that the rolling terrain offers. This enables us to take the conditioning of your horse to whatever level you require before returning to your trainer.

Whether or not your horse is returning from an injury or just from a rest we can customize a conditioning program to suit your needs.


"Where comebacks are bigger than setbacks"- Gina Hluska

Our state-of-the-art facility is located only minutes from I25 & Hwy 83 easily accessible to all major veterinary clinics, show facilities and polo fields. Our facility offers 24 supportive veterinary care and on-site manager.

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Why Choose Us


Elite Equine Rehab Center was uniquely designed and built in the tranquil setting of the Black Forest. It brings together the ultimate resources and equipment to help lay the foundation of a "bigger comeback than the setback" for the equine athlete.

We offer a winning combination of experience, education and skill to head our exercise therapies, advanced non-invasive technology and cutting-edge medical treatments.

Located just outside Monument, in Northern Colorado Springs, CO, Elite Equine offers a wide range of treatments and modalities


What's New?


1. Gina Hluska, founder of EER,  recently acquired her EquiTape kinesiology certification making her one of only 607 certified EquiTape kinesiology practitioners in the world.

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2. EER  recently joined forces with Elite Equine Rescue to provide the necessary treatments to help those horses in need. All proceeds will go towards aid and benefit of rescue horses in need of rehab & rehoming services.

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3. EER gets the special treat of rehabbing International dressage & saddle seat champion Friesian stallion Kwintus.

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1670 Spring Valley Dr.

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Elite Equine Blog 

An ongoing series of informational entries

Leading the way

January 15, 2019

I had the pleasure evaluating a mare recently retiring from *7* years as a therapy horse. 

This girl is now 20 and does suffer from a contracted heal in her right front, which will make keeping her balanced a little more challenging. Luckily, her new mama is Awesome and is dedicated to helping her stay healthy and feel her best for many years to come, 

The best advice I can give when re-introducing horses like this into a low-level riding program or even integrating into a pleasure/trail horse is hand walking... WALK, WALK, WALK! Start with shorter durations and gradually increase distance and time every week. Walking is a low-impact exercise with minimal risk of injury while improving fitness level. Progress is generally lower with older horses, but they can still build muscle!!

That being said, not all walking was created equal. Meandering around, grazing from time to time will not be as beneficial as walking with a purpose. I recommend encouraging a lower headset to increase complete longissimus dorsi (the topline back muscle) stretch and engage her abdominals to strengthen her.

It is worth noting that this mares right hip dropped lower with each stride than her left hip when walking in a straight line. This can be attributed to being led primarily from the left side and frequently led from the left side during lessons for many years. This is something I have seen a lot in horses in an adaptive riding program. This hindered a complete left hind stretch and balanced use of her hind end resulting in asymmetrical muscle development. These chronic muscle imbalances often present as a subclinical right hind lamness. This is why I ALWAYS recommend leading (as well as doing everything else) from both sides!

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Equine Tendon Rehabilitation

March 09, 2019

We have recently taken in Sammy, a post-surgical DDFT (Deep Digital Flexor Tendon) rehab 7 year old mare. I am excited about the challenge and the outcome of rehabbing this case. Primarily because tendons can be touch and go, but mostly because tendon injuries often carry a grim prognosis. 

Most experts agree that once a tendon is injured, it may not fully recover to its pre-injury state. However, by utilizing all of the tools available, both standard and complementary, we can help our horses successfully reach their recovery potential. 

Until recently, it was believed that once a horse sustained a tendon injury that they were "done". That they were either put out to pasture, renamed breeding stock or worse, they were faced with the ill-fated outcome walking over the Rainbow Bridge. 

With a new era comes new technology. We have made huge advancements in knowledge and understanding of non-invasive therapeutic modalities. From the preservation of healthy tissue to increased circulation, reduced swelling, decreased fluid retention and even pain management all by simply working with the body's natural healing process. Depending upon the degree, severity of the injury and age of the horse, it is now possible to take rehab of a once severed tendon case and bring them back to light riding within 9-12 months. 

Here at EER we pull out all of the stops and employ all of these modalities ( each of which I will discuss in the future) in our tendon rehab protocol. It is safe to say that we are on the cutting edge of today's rehab advancements and are happy to see many horses, including Sammy, are well on their way to recovery from tendon injuries. 

Equine TheraBand 

April 10, 2019

I am a huge proponent of evidence-based practice. I hate gimmicks and want to make sure that the products or methods that I am recommending to my clients really do work.

THIS is why I LOVE TheraBand so much! Not just because I "feel" like it works and I "see" how it improves the horses' posture and way of going (I mean that I can actually feel it under saddle and visibly see the difference in gait and posture), but also because the science behind it says it works!

Research has proven how resistance band training can be used to not only significantly increase a horses thoracic and vertebral stability, but also strengthen muscles supporting the stifle joint and build core stability as well. Overall,  TheraBand training can improve health, performance and welfare. This means that your horse can carry you more easily with increased performance and decreased risk of injury or pain... Now, that's a BIG DEAL!

Note: I am in no way financially invested or compensated with/by TheraBand or any other resistance band products. 

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